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SynNotes - notes and code snippet manager

If you know what for those programs are
  • OneNote
  • ResophNotes
  • SynTree
  • CherryTree
  • Evernote
  • Google Notebook(dead)
  • Zoho Notes
then maybe you would be interested in this post. I've tried all of those apps, and used some of them for couple years. Mostly it is for code snippets, but sometime for note taking too. That's why I wanted code syntax highlighting and ability to quickly hide and show app by hotkey. Unfortunately I was not able to find app solving both items.
That's how SynTree was born back in 2006. As time goes by, new idea of syncing everything to cloud come and API released for developers. I'd like the idea and thought to add it's support to SynTree, but it was written in Delphi 6 and stored all data in memory. As my notes counted megabytes already, I was too lazy to search for old Delphi IDE as already have free Visual Studio installed, so decided to rewrite everything from scratch in C# and use sqlite to not limit notes size.
Meet SynNotes - simple syntax highlighted Notes manager with incremental full-text search and GMaill like tags as folders. Most of the time app basically hides in the system tray. Then you push global hotkey, and it appears with last Note opened and Search field already focused. After you found data needed hide the app back by pressing ESC.

When you have some notes created - you probably would like to sync them to other your workstations/mobile devices. Also, versioning and cloud backups would be nice. All that provided if you enable sync with your Simplenote account


Powershell highlighter for AkelPad (Coder plugin)

Powershell files highlighter for AkelPad with Coder plugin installed. Includes all standard plus Windows8 and Exchange 2010 cmdlets.
1. Save this to a file as "%Akelpad%\AkelFiles\Plugs\Coder\ps1.coder"
2. Open any "*.ps1" file by AkelPad
3. Profit!


Syn v2.04: TotalCommander Lister Plugin

download (sources included) / forum (EN) / extensions
Plugin now based on eControl Syntax Editor! So, it's only ACP files compatible from old Syn1. New highlighters and lexer info you can get on official site:

This is outdated soft! Further development - SynWrite by atorg at
    Features :
  • Encodings: WIN(1251), DOS(866), KOI8, MAC(10007), UTF-8, Unicode.
  • Multitab, Splitwindow
  • It's possible to write lexer for any language with parsing structure to Tree. Parser supports RegExp.
  • Multistring RegExp Search&Replace with markers
  • CodeFolding & IndentGuides
  • History of opened files settings . (Cursor position, bookmarks, selection, window position etc)
  • Auto complete function names & parameters hint . (Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-Shift-Space)
  • AutoCompletition of tag attribute depending on tag name HTML&CSS (included)
  • Code snippets (Ctrl-J)
  • etc
    What's new v2.04 (20.12.12)
  • (f)WordWrap of russian text
  • (f)Possibly fixed 'Cannot open Clipboard' error
  • (f)Search settings (Ctrl-R panel) saved now
  • (f)Error when cursor over dir in TC quick view
  • (f)Position of Setup dialog off the screen
  • (f)Display of Setup->Editor->TabMode
  • (f)Wrong staples look on print/zoom
  • (f)Open deleted file from MRU
  • (f)Ask to Save when close Tab by DblClick
  • (+)Move line up/down (Alt-Up/Dn)
  • (+)Duplicate line (Ctrl-D)
  • (+)Reload next file in QuickView without reload of plugin
  • (+)Select lines by click on gutter
  • (+)Hint when ACP list browsing
  • (+)ACP filter behavior in options
  • (+)Gutter width calculation when number of lines changes
  • (+)Next/Prev/Clear SearchMarks hotkeys
  • (+)Reload File when changed outside (Options->Misc)


Syn Extensions

Extensions for Syn1 & SynTREE.
ACP - autocompletition of function names & function parameters hint (used for Syn2 too)
HGL - highlight
QC - quick code insert
You need to unpack files to 'HL\' folder. If you write extentions for any other language, feel free to contact me and i post your files here.
Of course with your copyrights =)

ActionScript2 by Митяй (ACP, HGL) от 18.07.06
C++ Source by Митяй (ACP, HGL, QC) от 24.07.06
Color sheme like in Borland Developer Studio 2006. ACP contains main keywords an directives without descriptions and parameters
PHP by sepa (ACP) от 12.07.06
From official PHP5 manual (*.chm) All names of functions with descriptions and parameters, plus names of superglobal arrays.
Reg by Митяй (ACP, HGL, QC) от 24.07.06
Registry header added, and all main nodes.

Only for programmers. Unified package of SynEdit 2.0.3 & CodeFolding (MyStix 0.31) . More info on forum


SynTree v0.5 coders sourcebook

download / sources / forum / extensions
Programm used to store code snippets. For a long time i was using TreePad Lite and always want to syntax highlight & code indenting. But i've not fount any such progs in internet, so i 've to write myself.

    Features :
  • Tree-like code snippets organizer
  • Highlights incuded : Apache conf, Assembler (x86), C++ Source, CSS, Delphi&CBuilder Form, Delphi, HGL, INI, JAVA, Java Script, MSDOS Batch, PERL, PHP, SQL (Standard), Text Files, VBS, VRML, Windows Registry Files, XHTML.
  • Autocomplete function names & function parameters hint (Need extention)
  • TreePad format support (text only)
  • Fast hide prog to tray by Esc, restore from tray - Win + T

    What's new v0.5 (9.11.2006)
  • Rebuilded on last SynMix

    v0.4 (13.07.2006)
  • New shortcuts for moving in tree (Alt-Cursor) New shortcuts to move node in tree (Ctrl-Alt-Cursor) Bug with move node to free space in bottom of tree
  • More customizable setup of *.chm context help
  • Button to show special chars
  • Send selection/text to external program
  • path to files saves as relative in ini (useful for USB sticks)
  • Autoclose tag on
  • Import/Export of selected node
  • Show/Hide buttons in toolbars
  • Comment/Uncomment selection


Syn v1.5: TotalCommander Lister Plugin

download / sources / forum (RU) / extensions
Old version based on modified SynEdit engine. Hosted here for history. But some features in it hasn't yet implemented in Syn2.

    Features :
  • Encodings: WIN(1251), DOS(866), KOI8, ISO(8859-5), MAC(10007), UTF-8, Unicode. (Unicode support non-direct, but we are working on it)
  • Extrnal PHP macroses for text manipulating (like in PHPExpertEditor)
  • Multistring Search&Replace with markers
  • CodeFolding & IndentGuides
  • History of opened files settings . (Cursor position, bookmarks, selection, window position etc)
  • Auto complete function names & parameters hint . (Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-Shift-Space) You need to download extensions below for needed languages
  • AutoCompletition of tag attribute depending on tag name HTML&CSS (included)
  • Code snippets (Ctrl-J)
  • Syntax check by external programm (F8)
  • Function & Variables list in CodeExplorer. Ctrl-Click to navigate.
  • etc

    What's new v1.5 (30.10.2006)
  • Missed WinXP manifest inside syn.exe
  • Bug with color of default font & BG when no highlighter
  • Reset of codepage to WIN, when press "W" in ReadOnly mode
  • Exit keys are blocked now on loading
  • Simple text formatting (Right/Left/Center/Justify), details in readme.txt
  • Options for QuickSearch in it's context menu
  • Dont start now by Ctrl-Q on folder in clear TC
  • Some small fixes