Syn v2.04: TotalCommander Lister Plugin

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Plugin now based on eControl Syntax Editor! So, it's only ACP files compatible from old Syn1. New highlighters and lexer info you can get on official site: econtrol.ru

This is outdated soft! Further development - SynWrite by atorg at uvviewsoft.com
    Features :
  • Encodings: WIN(1251), DOS(866), KOI8, MAC(10007), UTF-8, Unicode.
  • Multitab, Splitwindow
  • It's possible to write lexer for any language with parsing structure to Tree. Parser supports RegExp.
  • Multistring RegExp Search&Replace with markers
  • CodeFolding & IndentGuides
  • History of opened files settings . (Cursor position, bookmarks, selection, window position etc)
  • Auto complete function names & parameters hint . (Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-Shift-Space)
  • AutoCompletition of tag attribute depending on tag name HTML&CSS (included)
  • Code snippets (Ctrl-J)
  • etc
    What's new v2.04 (20.12.12)
  • (f)WordWrap of russian text
  • (f)Possibly fixed 'Cannot open Clipboard' error
  • (f)Search settings (Ctrl-R panel) saved now
  • (f)Error when cursor over dir in TC quick view
  • (f)Position of Setup dialog off the screen
  • (f)Display of Setup->Editor->TabMode
  • (f)Wrong staples look on print/zoom
  • (f)Open deleted file from MRU
  • (f)Ask to Save when close Tab by DblClick
  • (+)Move line up/down (Alt-Up/Dn)
  • (+)Duplicate line (Ctrl-D)
  • (+)Reload next file in QuickView without reload of plugin
  • (+)Select lines by click on gutter
  • (+)Hint when ACP list browsing
  • (+)ACP filter behavior in options
  • (+)Gutter width calculation when number of lines changes
  • (+)Next/Prev/Clear SearchMarks hotkeys
  • (+)Reload File when changed outside (Options->Misc)

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