Syn v1.5: TotalCommander Lister Plugin

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Old version based on modified SynEdit engine. Hosted here for history. But some features in it hasn't yet implemented in Syn2.

    Features :
  • Encodings: WIN(1251), DOS(866), KOI8, ISO(8859-5), MAC(10007), UTF-8, Unicode. (Unicode support non-direct, but we are working on it)
  • Extrnal PHP macroses for text manipulating (like in PHPExpertEditor)
  • Multistring Search&Replace with markers
  • CodeFolding & IndentGuides
  • History of opened files settings . (Cursor position, bookmarks, selection, window position etc)
  • Auto complete function names & parameters hint . (Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-Shift-Space) You need to download extensions below for needed languages
  • AutoCompletition of tag attribute depending on tag name HTML&CSS (included)
  • Code snippets (Ctrl-J)
  • Syntax check by external programm (F8)
  • Function & Variables list in CodeExplorer. Ctrl-Click to navigate.
  • etc

    What's new v1.5 (30.10.2006)
  • Missed WinXP manifest inside syn.exe
  • Bug with color of default font & BG when no highlighter
  • Reset of codepage to WIN, when press "W" in ReadOnly mode
  • Exit keys are blocked now on loading
  • Simple text formatting (Right/Left/Center/Justify), details in readme.txt
  • Options for QuickSearch in it's context menu
  • Dont start now by Ctrl-Q on folder in clear TC
  • Some small fixes