SynNotes - notes and code snippet manager

If you know what for those programs are
  • OneNote
  • ResophNotes
  • SynTree
  • CherryTree
  • Evernote
  • Google Notebook(dead)
  • Zoho Notes
then maybe you would be interested in this post. I've tried all of those apps, and used some of them for couple years. Mostly it is for code snippets, but sometime for note taking too. That's why I wanted code syntax highlighting and ability to quickly hide and show app by hotkey. Unfortunately I was not able to find app solving both items.
That's how SynTree was born back in 2006. As time goes by, new idea of syncing everything to cloud come and simplenote.com API released for developers. I'd like the idea and thought to add it's support to SynTree, but it was written in Delphi 6 and stored all data in memory. As my notes counted megabytes already, I was too lazy to search for old Delphi IDE as already have free Visual Studio installed, so decided to rewrite everything from scratch in C# and use sqlite to not limit notes size.
Meet SynNotes - simple syntax highlighted Notes manager with incremental full-text search and GMaill like tags as folders. Most of the time app basically hides in the system tray. Then you push global hotkey, and it appears with last Note opened and Search field already focused. After you found data needed hide the app back by pressing ESC.

When you have some notes created - you probably would like to sync them to other your workstations/mobile devices. Also, versioning and cloud backups would be nice. All that provided if you enable sync with your Simplenote account



You can download compiled binaries at Github


Just unpack and use. App does not use registry and tries to keep db and ini-file config alongside with exe file. If app dir is not writable (you unpacked it to %ProgramFiles%) then %AppData%\SynNotes directory used instead.


That is very simple app and it will be so. No bells'n'whistles for reduced memory footprint (c# lol;).


Simplenote sync is configured when you first press Sync button:
Or at any time by Right-Clicking of that button. No any data exchange is performed when Sync Frequency set to Manual until you press the Sync button.


Some configuration could be done by editing settings.ini.
This part is for Global Hotkeys . Default is Win+tilde for Search, and no Hotkey assigned to just show app


App support themes of Notepad++ format which are stored in /themes folder. So, you can edit them or create new with visual editor of NP++. Then enable it like this:

Theme=Visual Studio Dark.xml


  • When Note has no explicit Lexer (language to highlight syntax) selected it will inherit it from it's tags.
  • If Note has multiple tags assigned, privilege has Tag which is higher in tree (you can arrange tags by drag'n'drop) In this case name of Lexer would be prefixed by ^
  • If both Note and all it's Tags has no Lexer assigned bash is used by default

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