Syn Extensions

Extensions for Syn1 & SynTREE.
ACP - autocompletition of function names & function parameters hint (used for Syn2 too)
HGL - highlight
QC - quick code insert
You need to unpack files to 'HL\' folder. If you write extentions for any other language, feel free to contact me and i post your files here.
Of course with your copyrights =)

ActionScript2 by Митяй (ACP, HGL) от 18.07.06
C++ Source by Митяй (ACP, HGL, QC) от 24.07.06
Color sheme like in Borland Developer Studio 2006. ACP contains main keywords an directives without descriptions and parameters
PHP by sepa (ACP) от 12.07.06
From official PHP5 manual (*.chm) All names of functions with descriptions and parameters, plus names of superglobal arrays.
Reg by Митяй (ACP, HGL, QC) от 24.07.06
Registry header added, and all main nodes.

Only for programmers. Unified package of SynEdit 2.0.3 & CodeFolding (MyStix 0.31) . More info on forum

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