MPC-HC msi package for GPO deployment

This is a Media Player Classic Home Cinema msi package for mass deployment in AD by Group Policy. Customizations from original version:
  • Video files associations on install for all users
  • All internal audio/video codecs enabled by default
  • Settings saved in mpc-hc.ini file for all users. When installed write rights assigned to this file for all local users
Download MPC-HC.msi
Скачать MPC-HC.msi с русским языком по умолчанию


  1. Hi. I just found what I was looking for, this one is very good. Could you make an updated version, which would include latest MPC-HC version? thanks

    1. I'm no longer windows admin for some time, so not very interested of creating a new package. But you can do it yourself for any application. I wrote the article describing it:
      (you can read it using some online translator)