Firefox msi for GPO deployment

This is a custom msi package of Firefox 6.0.2 with some plugins for mass deployment in AD by Group Policy. Customizations from original version:
  • Installed plugins:
    GPO for Firefox - apply GroupPolicy settings assigned by adm/admx to Firefox (Here used GPO for Firefox v0.9.3 modified by me.)
    IETab - opens selected sites by IE engine inside Firefox tab
    Adblock Plus - block advertisement, banners etc
  • Tweaked default interface:

    Disabled text menu, cleared statusbar, Adblock button moved to top bar
  • Sets as default browser for all users
  • No asking about import of IE bookmarks on first run
  • No any browser information / plug-in notification tabs open on first run. Home page only.
  • Auto-updates enabled by default. You need to give write rights for users to folder
    %ProgramFiles%\Mozilla Firefox
    for auto-updates works under user. This could be done by GPO settings (Windows configuration  / Security / File system)
  • Modified firefox.adm GPP policy included. Added localfilelinks policy for opening intranet links to local resources, like file:\\\o:\path\file as described here
Download Firefox_en.msi
Скачать Firefox.msi русский. (Как сделать такую сборку самому - http://habrahabr.ru/blogs/sysadm/128161/)

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