IrfanView msi package for GPO deployment

This is a custom msi package of IrfanView v4.30 with some plugins for mass deployment in AD by Group Policy. Customizations from original version:
  • Auto file association only for images
  • Installs additional plugins only for image types (Postscript.dll, Jpg_transform.dll, IPTC.dll, Formats.dll, Exif.dll, ImPDF.dll, JPEG2000.dll, Mrc.dll, Hdp.dll, Awd.dll, Wbz.dll, Riot.dll, Lcms.dll, Ecw.dll, Jpeg_LS.dll, Jpm.dll, Wsq.dll, Crw.dll, Exr.dll, Sff.dll, Lwf.dll, Ldf.dll, Ics.dll, Fpx.dll, DjVu.dll, B3d.dll, Dicom.dll, Vtf.dll, Pngout.dll, Icons.dll, EAFSH.dll, LogoManager.dll, Photocd.dll, KDC120.dll)
  • Custom icons.dll for file types icons in explorer (No red dead cat anymore! :)
  • Leila 16x16 toolbar icons
  • Removes old folder %ProgramFiles%\IrfanView
  • Removes old link folder or shortcut %StartMenu%\IrfanView(.lnk)
  • No desktop shortcut, only one at %StartMenu%\IrfanView.lnk
If you don't want to distribute it by GPO, just simple silent install from command prompt - use example commands:
msiexec /i \\server\path\IrfanView.msi /passive will give you only progressbar without Cancel button
msiexec /i \\server\path\IrfanView.msi /quiet totally silent install

Download IrfanView.msi
Скачать IrfanView.msi  с русским языком по умолчанию

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