Article mobilizer plugin for tt-rss

One feature that i've always missed in Gooogle Reader was ability to open mobilized version of article link right in feed list (As it is done in gReader and JustReader mobile clients). What was problem for Google Reader is not a problem to implement for Tiny Tiny RSS - open source alternative of Google's product. This is my plugin which makes possible to read mobilized version of full-article linked from RSS-feed.

For now you can choose from those mobilizing services for each feed separately:
  • Readability (default option)
  • Instapaper
  • Google Mobilizer
  • Stripped Original (original article without styles and images)
  • Original (full original article)



Precompiled hd-Idle armhf deb-package for Debian

There is still no hd-idle package in standard Debian repository. Even in testing branch. WTF!
You can get sources at official site but you'll need to install a lot of dependencies to compile it.
Or here is already compiled version:
Download hd-idle_1.04_armhf.deb

# cd /tmp
# wget http://i.sepa.spb.ru/_/mele/hd-idle_1.04_armhf.deb
# dpkg -i hd-idle_1.04_armhf.deb
# nano /etc/default/hd-idle

Installing HDD inside of Mele A1000/2000

I have a Mele A2000G and use it as home media server (with Debian installed instead of Android). And HDD is the main thing of this set. But i don't have an HDD case (I heard that it goes with A1000 model) And it looks not so accurate to place this box near a TV with a raw HDD without cover installed on top of it. Let's check if it possible to install HDD right inside Mele A2000 box:


Wikipedia goes 3 columns

Recently I had to read a lot of wikipedia articles. If you have a widescreen monitor - you know how its looks like. Very long lines of text stretching across the whole 1920px wide of browser window. As well as big gaps of free space near contents and infobox tables. I thought that it's possible to somewhat improve readability of wikipedia by using greasemonkey and new html5 columns markup. Done ;)

Script will:
- Display wikipedia article text in 3 columns
- Hide menu and ads
- Move contents table and infoboxes to left pane instead of menu

- You'll need a userscript compatible browser
- Then just click this link
- OR use openuserjs.org mirror


See also userscript: AWS Docs Column Reader


D-Link DIR-620 OpenWRT installation

I've use OpenWRT for my D-Link DIR-620 A1 for almost a year now. Good news that OpenWRT community released already compiled beta versions (Latest for now is 12.09-rc1) So now it's no need to compile trunk sources to get firmware for ramips hardware. My custom image is getting old, so I decide to install latest community release.
This article is mostly for myself. Just want to leave some notes in case I'll need to update firmware again. So I'll make it very brief.


Powershell highlighter for AkelPad (Coder plugin)

Powershell files highlighter for AkelPad with Coder plugin installed. Includes all standard plus Windows8 and Exchange 2010 cmdlets.
1. Save this to a file as "%Akelpad%\AkelFiles\Plugs\Coder\ps1.coder"
2. Open any "*.ps1" file by AkelPad
3. Profit!


Нет, сынок, это фантастика)

Galaxy Note JellyBean

Install volume deduplication from Server 2012 to Windows 8

Server 2012  has a great feature - Deduplication. It can be very effective to optimize storage and reduce the amount of disk space consumed—50% to 90% when applied to the right data. Cause Windows 8 has a Hyper-V 3 too, deduplication will be very usefull for VM vhd storage volume. This is my VM folder example:

And this example taken from Windows 8 =) So, it's possible to install deduplication service to Windows 8 with one caveat - it'll have no GUI. Only possible way to manage it - is Powershell.


Asterisk sync with Active Directory

In my case, all users information is stored in AD (yes, we use Exchange GAL). It'll be great if asterisk get this information directly from AD without need in configuration editing.

Let's look what we have now:
AD user have fields 'telephoneNumber' - for internal extension number, 'fax' - for direct inward dialing number (DID) like this: