Installing HDD inside of Mele A1000/2000

I have a Mele A2000G and use it as home media server (with Debian installed instead of Android). And HDD is the main thing of this set. But i don't have an HDD case (I heard that it goes with A1000 model) And it looks not so accurate to place this box near a TV with a raw HDD without cover installed on top of it. Let's check if it possible to install HDD right inside Mele A2000 box:

On top is Mele A2000G inside.
I just place 2,5" HDD on top of main board to check if there is place for it. Looks good.

But we need to get rid of this SATA connector board attached to plastic cover, and make a top surface of cover flat inside. We will attach HDD directly to mainboard. There is no problem with SATA-data cable and sockets, they are standard. Question is SATA-power cord. There is standard for SATA 15 pin Power Connector Pinout (ATX v2.2):
Pin Name Color Description
1 +3.3VDC Orange +3.3 VDC
2 +3.3VDC Orange +3.3 VDC
3 +3.3VDC Orange +3.3 VDC
4 COM Black Ground
5 COM Black Ground
6 COM Black Ground
7 +5VDC Red +5 VDC
8 +5VDC Red +5 VDC
9 +5VDC Red +5 VDC
10 COM Black Ground
11 COM Black Ground (Optional or other use)
12 COM Black Ground
13 +12VDC Yellow +12 VDC
14 +12VDC Yellow +12 VDC
15 +12VDC Yellow +12 VDC

But there is only 2-wired cable for SATA-power socket and a couple of resistors on a SATA connector board. If you look close at SATA-power soldering at connector board you'll see that pins 1-3 and 13-14 aren't even soldered. I've checked this by voltmeter and that's true - only voltage left is +5V. Ok, we'll need standard SATA-power cable. I've even removed unneeded yellow and orange wires from the connector:

Then I've cut Mele's "SATA-power" cord and solder to standard cord preserving polarity (then isolated it):

Before cutting top plastic cover it's need to remove antenna. It's just glued by scotch tape. I've used a knife to remove it.

This is a removed antenna and a couple of heat-sinks i've found in my table. Cause installed HDD will prevent good ventilation inside of case, I think that some heat-sinks will not harm.

Go and cut the plastic case. No way back!)

If you'll look close to this plastic bay door, there are pins witch hold it in place. Right pins are shorter than left, so when install or remove it - just bend and take pull out right side first:

Cover cutting completed) Make sure to not damage those little plastic hollow, which holds plastic door's stopper:

Fixing HDD in place. I've used foam rubber and 2-sided scotch. Glue the antenna back to front side of cover.

Operation is completed. There even possible to open this door a little, to increase the air flow)

Then power on and check that HDD is still working:


  1. А как туда Debian поставить???

    1. Вначале поставить на карту
      А потом перенести в NAND, если надо, например с помощью PIMP_MY_MELE

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